duccshortwithsansAbout Us
Decatur United Church of Christ is a progressive, inclusive church, influenced by liberation, ecumenical and traditional Christian theologies. As a beautifully diverse congregation, we respect and value each person‘s spiritual path. We journey with one another across lines that often divide.

Whether you come from a church background, a religious background other than Christianity, or no religious background at all, you are welcome here.

Decatur UCC is a congregation of the United Church of Christ. The UCC is a mainline denomination of 5,600 churches and 1.2 million members. We are people of God’s extravagant welcome, who listen for the Stillspeaking God and insist that “Jesus didn’t turn people away, and neither do we.”

We believe in a Still Speaking God, and in doing so we speak in contemporary ways because we affirm the responsibility of the church in each generation to make this faith it’s own in reality of worship, in honesty of thought and expression, and in purity of heart before God.