praxis2Decatur United Church of Christ is a progressive, inclusive church, influenced by liberation, liberal, and traditional Christian theologies. As a beautifully diverse congregation, we respect and value each person‘s spiritual path. We journey with one another across lines that often divide.

If you have worshiped with our congregation for years or this is your first time, you are welcome here! If you come from a church background, a religious background other than Christianity, or no religious background at all, you are welcome here. If you come to worship God with gladness, to find a sense of peace, to find friends and a sense of community, or simply because you are curious, you are welcome here!

Decatur UCC is at a place of new beginnings and we hope that, if you are new to our community – or returning after some time away – you will be a part of this new day of hope and expectation. The future is filled with new programs to explore our faith, new leadership, fresh experiences of worship, and with all sorts of growth and renewed vitality.

At Decatur UCC, we seek to grow in spirit, to care for one another, to reach out to the needs of the world, and to live abundant, whole, caring lives. Our desire is to grow into the whole image of God, reflective of all God‘s people. Join us – bring your journey, your faith, your struggles – and our worship will be a fuller, richer experience.

If you have questions about worship, about our church or need any assistance, we hope that you will let us know.

And remember, no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.