Decatur UCC offers this rite to those who are part of the church as well as those who aren’t. We believe marriage for all people and celebrates love. We offer it regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and regardless of faith or membership in this or any faith community. If you are not a part of a faith community, we do ask that you attend Decatur UCC prior to your wedding so that you’ll know who we are and what we stand for. You’ll be welcomed with open hearts and may even find a place here!

wedding-rings-on-bible01-lgOur approach to marriages IS that they are a spiritual union – not just emotional, physical, social and sexual. Weddings at Decatur UCC, therefore, are spiritual services. How this is ordered can be shaped to conform to the spiritual identity or faith tradition of those who are being married.

Please call the church office if you would like to meet with the pastor about the possibility of holding your wedding at Decatur UCC or inviting our pastor to officiate your wedding.

Does Decatur UCC offer or require pastoral counseling prior to our wedding?
Our pastor will meet with you both so that she can get to know you ( or get to know you better), and begin planning your ceremony. A second session is then scheduled to finish plans for the ceremony and make sure that everything is in place. We will decide on a rehearsal date/time, usually the evening prior to the wedding. If you would like additional time with the pastor – to discuss issues in your relationship or anything else that’s important to you, that service is available.

While many churches /pastors charge for services and have a fee schedule we don’t believe in charging a blanket fee since each ceremony is so individual and unique.

Who will officiate our wedding?
Decatur UCC’s pastor officiates each wedding at the church.

I have a relative who’s a minister. May they be a part of the ceremony?
Usually, the answer is yes. Please talk about it with the pastor.

What are the fees associated with having a wedding at Decatur UCC?
We would love to be able to celebrate your sacred love by performing your marriage. While there is no standard fee it is customary to provide a love offering to the minister performing the ceremony. We believe you should let your heart guide you.