collageChurch is about community, a group of people who become family to one another. Celebrating life and assisting each other when we need help. We have Friends Fridays, including the infamous “games night,” Easter brunch, Atlanta Pride events, potlucks, and more! Join us for some fun and frivolity as we bond as a community.

Congregational care is a phrase we use to describe how we minister to each other at Decatur UCC. Our pastors and laity oversee the ministries we have for people in grief, crisis, recovering from a hospital stay, or just making sure someone has a ride to church. While the pastors are often described as taking the lead in congregational care, the reality is that most of the care-giving takes place between friends in our community. Both large and small circles of people are continually reaching out to one another to give support.

There are many ways to volunteer in the congregational care ministries of our church. Please contact the pastors if you are interested in helping.