Decatur UCC is proud to be a congregation of the United Church of Christ. Click here to find out more about the UCC.

Our Theological Leanings

While we have diverse theologies among our members and encourage that diversity, Decatur UCC is generally liberal/progressive in our theological position.

Mind and Heart

We have an intellectual edge to our spiritual development, preaching, and education. You don’t need to check your brain at the door to be a part of this church. We welcome inquiry, theological and ethical challenge, and spiritual exploration. We offer classes, workshops, and retreats for the purpose of developing our spiritual lives and theological thinking. AND we engage with our hearts! We seek worship, relationships, and learning that move us emotionally and touch our souls.

sandwich sundays2
Sandwich Sundays – preparing meals for the homeless in the community.

Inclusion in the Community

We want to be radically inclusive, reaching across lines of race, age, gender, and sexual orientation. Particularly, we believe that sexual orientation no longer needs to divide or keep us from worshiping and serving alongside people of all races, genders, ages, and sexual orientations.

Given the biases of Christian history, we think it’s important to explore issues of gender and gender expression. We realize that social mores, stereotypes and mis-interpretations of scripture have limited the spirituality, creativity, and social acceptance of those who don’t conform to binary gender norms and we want to make a difference. Further, we realize that this is a theological issue as well as a social issue.

Love and Service

We desire to make a difference in people’s lives, not only spiritually, but by actively serving those in need. At Decatur UCC, our outreach is primarily local, face-to-face service to others. We partner with a different community organization each quarter, joining our time, skills, money, and mission to meet needs in our community.

Relevant, Vibrant Worship

Our primary worship experience at Decatur UCC is in a convergent style; that is, we draw from a number of sources. Our worship is somewhat liturgical, but includes contemplative prayer and song, contemporary choruses, drama, and film. Our desire is to embody our value of diversity in our worship experiences.

Broadening the Circle

We are open to building relationship with those of other faiths and desire to connect across lines that often divide.