About Us
Decatur United Church of Christ is a progressive, inclusive church, influenced by liberation, liberal, and traditional Christian theologies. As a beautifully diverse congregation, we respect and value each personā€˜s spiritual path. We journey with one another across lines that often divide.

Our Pastor

Our Pastor Jodi Yarini very spiritual, creative, successful leader and loved by our members.

Our Board Members

Beth - Our Moderator
Ruth - Board Member
Retired as a transfer coordinator from a San Francisco hospital. Previously worked as a driver examiner and ordained minister with the Salvation Army.
Kim- Board Member
Mark - Board Member

Our Pastoral Associates

Chris Lyman Waldron
Leah Lyman Waldron
Julius Chaka Peterson

Why You Should Join Us

We are a caring friendly group

We Rise in Warmth and Spirit When We All Win!



Community minded

Socially Active